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Walk-in Showers

Prices from £2078.80 Inc. VAT

With or without a shower tray, the seamless finish and effortless user experience of a walk-in shower makes it a must have statement in any contemporary bathroom. The range of creative combinations fit a wide selection of bathroom styles and sizes, making that luxury boutique hotel experience available to more people than ever.

Lakes Coastline Alassio


From £381.60 Inc. VAT

Andora Frameless Walk In Shower Enclosures


From £876.00 Inc. VAT

Cannes frameless walk in shower enclosure


From £217.20 Inc. VAT

Cannes 10mm walk-in shower enclosure

Cannes 10mm

From £962.40 Inc. VAT

Frameless Marseilles Walk-In shower enclosure


From £681.60 Inc. VAT

Mirror: Cannes Frameless Walk-In Shower Enclosure

Mirror: Cannes

From £469.20 Inc. VAT

Mirror: Nice Frameless Walk-In Shower Enclosures

Mirror: Nice

From £736.80 Inc. VAT

Mirror: Palma Frameless Walk In Shower Enclosure

Mirror: Palma

From £1,206.00 Inc. VAT

semi-frameless mirror walk in shower enclosure

Mirror: Walk In

From £787.20 Inc. VAT

Frameless Nice 10mm Walk-In Shower Enclosure


From £598.80 Inc. VAT

Palma Frameless Walk-In Shower Enclosure


From £940.80 Inc. VAT

frameless Rhodes walk-in shower enclosure


From £1,218.00 Inc. VAT

frameless Riviera walk-in shower

Riviera (Shower Panel & Bypass Panels)

From £823.20 Inc. VAT

frameless Riviera walk-in shower

Riviera (Shower Panel only)

From £386.40 Inc. VAT

Seated Shower and Walk in enclosure

Seated Shower Tray and Walk-In Enclosure

From £1,874.40 Inc. VAT

Classic Semi-Frameless Shower Screen

Shower Screen

From £505.20 Inc. VAT

semi-frameless Walk In shower enclosure

Walk In

From £752.40 Inc. VAT