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Classic Collection

Framed Slider Door

In the Framed Slider Door shower enclosure the lightest of touches is all that’s needed for the door to glide back, enabling you to step in and enjoy a light and spacious shower.

Price from £445.20 Inc. VAT

  • Suitable for:
  • Alcove Shower Enclosures
  • Corner Shower Enclosures
  • Flat Wall Shower Enclosures
  • Recess Shower Enclosures
  • Features:
  • Minimum 6mm toughened glass
  • Fully reversible
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • AllClear as standard
  • PureVueHD Glass as Standard
  • Polished silver or white frame
  • Easy fit

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Product sizes and prices

WidthHeightWidth AdjustmentDoor Opening Price (exc. VAT)Price (inc. VAT)Product Code (Silver)Product Code (White)
10001850940 - 1000380£371.00£445.20LK12S100 05LK12S100 30
110018501040 - 1100430£380.00£456.00LK12S110 05 LK12S110 30
120018501140 - 1200480£390.00£468.00LK12S120 05LK12S120 30
WidthHeightWidth AdjustmentPrice (exc. VAT)Price (inc. VAT)Product Code (Silver)Product Code (White)
3501850340 - 385£285.00£342.00LILPP350 05LILPP350 30
WidthPrice (exc. VAT)Price (inc. VAT)Product Code (Silver)Product Code (White)
30£24.00£28.80LEP 05LEP 30
WidthHeightWidth AdjustmentPrice (exc. VAT)Price (inc. VAT)Product Code (Silver)Product Code (White)
7001850660 - 720£200.00£240.00LK1SP070 05LK1SP070 30
7501850720 - 780£212.00£254.40LK1SP075 05LK1SP075 30
8001850760 - 820£226.00£271.20LK1SP080 05LK1SP080 30
9001850840 - 900£246.00£295.20LK1SP090 05LK1SP090 30
10001850940 - 1000£278.00£333.60LK1SP1000 05LK1SP1000 30
110018501040 - 1100£305.00£366.00LK1SP1100 05-
120018501140 - 1200£325.00£390.00LK1SP1200 05-

Note: Maximum adjustment range is reduced by 15mm when used in conjunction with the In-Line Panel.


All measurements are in mm.

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